Equity Storytelling now available in English! ()

Equity Storytelling by Etzold and Ramge is now available in English, first for Kindle direct, later also as a hardcopy book.


Investors pay more for a company. 
When they buy its story. 

This book shows you how to tell a compelling equity story. 

Equity Storytelling uses the tools of storytelling in the context of venture capital, M&A and private equity. The two authors and storytelling consultants Veit Etzold and Thomas Ramge will teach you: 

1. Recognizing potentials for giving the firm a unique positioning. 
2. Moulding disparate facts and story elements into an exciting story 
3. Telling the story to the addressee (investor) so that he “buys” it. 

Or to put it short: think – tell – sell 

May the villains in search of capital die the death by PowerPoint. Heroes tell equity stories with the tools of storytelling. Then the story becomes the $tory. 

To Tell is to Sell.

Here you can order it directly!

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