Singapore and William Blake

Singapore and William Blake

I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s.

This is a great quote from William Blake.

In the wake of the Corona crisis, Singapore is acting exactly on this! The Prime Minister gave a speech of compassion to the people, doctors get more money for their hard work and in return, government officials forego one month of salary. That is leadership at its best. In the wake of the Chaos in China and the turmoil in Hong Kong, Singapore’s position is that of stability in the Asian region. 

What happens in Germany? A speech from the health minister, absolute silence from the chancellor and doctors, who need to send urgent letters to the government, because they cannot cope with all the patients and feel being left alone. 

In strategy and in real life, acting proactively is always better than waiting.  Be the surfer, not the plaything of the waves. Or to put William Blake more bluntly: “Have lunch or be lunch.”As you have noticed, this was an English LinkedIn Post by me. As I often get requests from international clients, who would also like to read my posts in English and most German readers in the business environment are also fluent in English, I think, that makes a lot of sense. What do you think about English posts and – of course – the Singapore Strategy?

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