References – Customers

References – Customers

„Leaders in business and governments need to have a point of view about the future, and communicate it effectively. Veit Etzold describes in his book how storytelling can be a powerful tool to share with others how to shape the future.“
Prof. Jordi Canals, Dean IESE Business School

„Veit Etzold’s presentation was exciting, educational and entertaining at the same time. One of the best speakers on strategy and storytelling.“
Dr. Sherhan Ili, Managing Director Ili Consulting

„Veit Etzold’s storytelling presentation was the best of the TED X Event in Munich.“
Rudolf Repgen, Managing Director, IESE Business School Germany

„People do not buy facts but stories. Veit Etzold shows in a very clear and entertaining way how managers can use storytelling to control the ‘company ship’.“
Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment until 2011, IESE Business School Germany

„Tremendous and exciting – Etzold knows how stories work in sales.“
Jochen Körner, Sales Director, Europa Marsh LCC

„Prof. Dr. Veit Etzold is not only a very successful thriller writer, speaker and consultant on storytelling. Due to his broad experience in the financial services sector, he knows exactly what service firms need and how they can create the right story to position themselves and their products best. Veit is one of the rare examples who understand creativity AND financial service.“
Roman Lewszyk, CEO, Moventum S.C.A

„Devising strategies is one thing, communicating them convincingly is another. All strategies have a story in them. They are about attacks, battles, victories and the fear of defeat. Veit Etzold has taken up this issue and is showing business managers how you can use narrative forms to present strategic content in an enthralling and compelling manner.“
Prof. Dr. Olaf Plötner, Dean of Executive Education, ESMT European School of Management and Technology and author of Counter Strategies in Global Competition

„Veit Etzold is not about multitasking – there’s a lot of people doing that – he’s about multi-telling, an art that is becoming increasingly important in a world of dreary business speeches. We are all media-savvy, we want to be entertained and often look back with nostalgia to the times when we were told beautiful, exciting and gripping stories. We have forgotten this art and it’s time that we find our teachers. Veit Etzold is one of them.“
Pierre Deraëd, Marketing Director, Bain & Company Germany

„Given the masses of information that bombard managers and staff nowadays, it’s increasingly necessary to communicate important messages clearly and effectively. Veit Etzold’s approach helps executives at all levels to use these management methods.“
Roland Polte, Chief Executive Personnel, Dräxlmaier Group

„As presented by Veit Etzold, storytelling is a convincing way to turn the analytical into real action – while engaging executives emotionally. For consultants it’s an essential part of good client work.“
Dr. Klaus-Peter Gushurst, Managing Director Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company, Germany/Switzerland/Austria

“What impressed me, however, were the mini sessions on the subject of storytelling that Veit Etzold did on the Rakuten Expo between the lectures. Very interesting. Situation, complication, solution. Man is per se paranoid, underestimates the good and overestimates the negative. For a good story, we need to describe the situation with a negative association.”
Arne Vogt, Artavo sales strategies and management