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Storytelling, Change and Strategy:

Only a strategy with a good story …

… will be understood and implemented by your employees

Storytelling and Sales:

If you have complex, abstract and high-margin products …

… a good story helps to sell them successfully

Storytelling and Capital Markets:

A good Equity Story helps …

… to significantly increase the value of your company

Dr. Veit Etzold has 15 years of experience in businesses …

… that sell non-tangible and high-margin products …

… banking, media, strategy consulting and executive education

Here is where your corporate story finds its happy end:

With Dr. Veit Etzold, Europe’s Number One in Storytelling

Because: „To Tell is to Sell“

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Mrs. Brigitte Siegert, diploma business administration
Phone: +49 (0)30 3974 3667

Brigitte Siegert



A brutal war has been raging in the African Republic of the Congo for years. It is a war for precious resources that are exploited aplenty in this bitterly poor country, resources that are necessary for every digital device on this planet.

You can find more information here.

The discovery of a corpse poses a worrying puzzle for the Berlin police. The mysterious symbols scratched on the murder victim’s skin seem somehow familiar to Clara Vidalis. Are they ritual symbols?

You can find more information here.

How to increase the value of my company with a good story? Equity Storytelling – Think, Tell, Sell: How to Raise the Value of Your Company with the Right Story, by Veit Etzold and Thomas Ramge, recently published by Springer Gabler, is the standard work for all those who have understood that a good equity story is more than meaningless PowerPoint decks and overoptimistic Excel models. You don’t negotiate a better price by adding more facts, you do it by telling a good story. Because: to tell is to sell!
You can find more information about Equity storytelling here.
And you can get the book here.



25. April 2018 (Vorträge)
Wissensforum 2018 in der Continental Arena Regensburg: NEUER TERMIN Veit Etzold Vortrag Aufmerksamkeitsgewinn & Storytelling

21. September 2018 ()
Vortrag Storytelling - Wie Sie mit der richtigen Story am Türsteher im Gehirn vorbei kommen beim 11. Kölner Wissensforum von Speakers Excellence

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